How To Download Files Without Survey's

Features |

- Friendly User Interface
- Unlimited Downloading
- Speedy Downloads
- 100% Anonymity
- 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed!

Friendly User Interface:
Our File Downloading software come with an intuitive graphical user interface that enables the most novice of computer user to make full use of our software packages.
Just take a look at the screen shot or download the Free Trial Version to see it with your own eyes.

Unlimited Downloading:
The Full Version has no set limit in regards to the number of file downloading credentials that you may retrieve. This in effect means that you can unlimited file downloads.

Speedy Downloads:
On average each file requires about 2 to 5 minuted, depending on each file size.

100% Anonymity and Secrecy:
We take the protection of your privacy with outmost care.
ALL network traffic generated during the use of any of our Dengee file downloading software packages is encrypted and tunneled via our proprietary network, rendering you 100% anonymous.
Aside from protecting your identity, we are also striving to keep the use of our software hidden from the end user account owner. .