How to Download files FAQ'S

1) Question:
How I Earn More Money using file downloading software?Can i download my own files?

This is one of the most frequent questions we are being asked.
What offers is software solutions (see "Dengee soft" on the menu) that enable our clients to download files from a multitude of services and service providers.

You can download your own files. No download limit.. No limit on file size...Per Each download u get $.20 to $5.... so u can easily make hundreds of money with To have more information, please Contact section.

What is Proxy Support? How it will help to us?

This is the best feature in this software.. It will hide your ip address while downloading your own files. If u dont want to use this feature.. u may get banned form your account will be banned.

Delivery - How will I get my software?

All our  file downloading software packages are available for immediate download from our website itself, you can download by visiting our free download page.

4) Question:
Payment - How to send money to you?

We're Giving this software Free of cost, no need to purchase.. You can download it for free.. Download now..

5) Question:
I am from the United States; can I still use your software?

Absolutely! This question pops up quite frequently; your geographic location does not affect your ability to our products. if you can download, then you can use our file downloading software.

If you have any remaining question you would like answered, please feel free to CONTACT US.